Kiyo (Kiyomasa Akashi)
Missionary from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
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Born and grew up in Japan, Married in 93
Studied at School of Ministry at CCCM in 1995-1997
Started Logos Ministries since 97
Going back and forth between another country and Japan in 2005-2010
Starting Logos Christian Fellowship in downtown Tokyo in 2011

Doctorinal Statement

Refer "Statement Of Faith, Character, Belief and Ordinances" at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

Salvation Testimony

I was born in a normal Japanese family. The parents did not hold to any particular beliefs but kept traditions of Buddism and Shintoism. I was proud of my father. After giving up his desire to become an actor, he entered entartaining business. He was successful at that time as a manager of pub restaurants. Looking at his back as a young boy, I dreamed of becoming a rich man and a good Japanese businessman at a large company.

I studied a lot at a junior high school. I was also active in a sport club in the school. When I entered a prestigious senior high school in the prefecture, I was so glad to show my dad my little success as his son. But a crisis came. I was not the number one boy in the senior high school. Moreover, my parents let me go through a homestay program to the U.S., and I realized what I was dreaming was was just my small, tiny world. I was overwhelmed at vastness of the land and all the greatness.

Then I began to think about life and the future, but I didn't know the answer. I began to suffer from depression because of severe stress by studying for entrance exam of a university.

I entered the university by God's mercy. I hoped I could find something meaningful in the campus life. But again I couldn't find it, but this time, I visited church.

I had been invited to church when I was a high school student. They had an English conversation class in the church. At that time, I didn't care for religious stuff, but this time I visited the church to search for meaning of life.

It was a Christmas service. The pastor preached on the Light that came to the world of darkenss. I didn't make decision in the service but after I came back home, I prayed a prayer for forgiveness. "God, if you are alive, I have ignored You all my life since I was born." Lo and behold, I was "baptized" with the love of God and He clearly spoke to me, "I love you"!

Instead of going to a Buddhist temple on New Years Eve, and going to a Shinto shrine on New Years Day (as other Japanese do), I visited church luncheon. I asked them if there is a church near my apartment in Tokyo. Then I went to the church, and I met a future wife there.

She lent me a book written by a Christian novelist Ayako Miura. Being impressed deeply, I bought other books written by her. One of them was a plain presentation of the gospel, that Jesus died for my sin. I clearly remember, it was April 1 of 1990, I responded to an altar call on the Sunday morning service and confessed to the pastor, "There is no reason not to accept Jesus."

Soon after I graduated from the university, I got married with my wife, and I worked for a company for nearly 2 years. That should have been the dream I had in my youth, but the desire was changed into a different thing. I wanted to preach the gospel and teach the Word all of my life. I quit the job and went to California with my wife, to learn the Word of God and Chritian walk through the Word.

We returned back to Japan after studying at School of Ministry in 97. We were not in good terms with my parents at that time, but several years later, my mother began going to church. Then my father went with her, too. Several months later, I got a phone call from my mom. With a weeping voice, she said, "I was born again." A few weeks later my dad received the Lord into his heart and he was born again, too!

Our Lord Christ took over our family, except my sister yet. All of the three are praying for her salvation.